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Facebook Chat Secrets Finally Revealed

Here’s how to make emoticons (smileys), as well as underlined and bold text in faceboot chat. Unfortunately, these tricks dont work elsewhere on facebook (outside of chat).

For bold text, use asterisks:

  • *your text here* = your text here

For underlined text, use underscores

  • _your text here_ = your text here

I dicovered these by accident. Got me wondering what else is hiding in facebook chat.

Here’s how you to get emoticons. Very big thank you to Jesse at 20 bits for going into the source code and finding all of these.


“Putnam” is facebook engineer Chris Putnam

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iPhone 3GS

Just finished reading Engadget’s live blog from WWDC ’09. The much-expected new iPhone (called the iPhone 3G S) was unveiled. Nothing really unexpected. AT&T still isn’t even ready for MMS, which is hilarious.

I was really hoping for video chat. Has Apple stock taken a dive after this so-so presentation?

The only redeeming factor I see is the significant price cuts, but in this economy everything needs a price cut.

Seabreacher: What it’s like to be a dolphin

Crazy-cool aquatic vehicle here. Just watch the video. It’ll run you $48,000 for a basic model, up to $68,000 for a fully customized one with all the premium options. Totally reasonable price for all that awesomeness.

Visit for mor videos and info

Hello world!

Here it is: my official, professional presence on the internet. I’ll be turning it into a cute little tech/social media/future-dreamin’ blog in the coming weeks.