About me

A particularly colorful portrait of me

A particularly colorful portrait of me


I want to do creative work, somewhere I can listen to music at a reasonable volume. That’s about it. If my coworkers are cool, that would be ideal.

I’m not quite sure of my specialty, yet. I can do logos, I can do print ads, I can write branded copy, I can write comedy, I can write product description, I can do web layouts and UI, I can produce and edit videos.

I can project-manage, I am comfortable speaking with businesses, clients, and customers. I can work the phone, fax, email, and database. I can troubleshoot and fix computers, and explain to you what went wrong in layman’s terms.

I’m great at taking instructions and criticism and at getting coffee (my current record is 8 at once, plus a bag of muffins, coffee cakes, etc). I’m very intelligent, and generally a fast learner. I enjoy standardized tests.

I like comedy, videogames, baseball, soccer, technology, alternative energy, and my iPhone (but I do wish it had real buttons). Sometimes I edit wikipedia. I know I have to give a lot before I get anything back on the internets.

I also put it up there in the sidebar, but here’s my current resume [PDF link].

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