Harry Potter iPhone/iPod Touch App Ideas

Update: It’s been done. Not as polished or rich as I’d like to see.

The Harry Potter iPhone App sucks. Here’s some ideas for a killer app (or apps).

The current app sucks because it doesn’t do anything. It’s narrowly more than an iPhone-optimized website or a commercial, offering some movie posters and clips. That’s about it; no wonder they’re giving it away.

An official HP wizard wand app could rock.

  • Include graphics of the characters’ actual wands, but also make it customizable (see Lightsaber Unleashed app).
  • Give it good sound effects and different-colored flashes of light for different spells. As everyone knows, Avada Kedavra is accompanied by a bright green flash, and instant death.
  • Killer features:
    • Voice control: I’m trying to figure out if the new APIs allow this. You’ll have to correctly¬† pronounce the spell to cast it.
    • Accelerometer control: You’ll also need just the right flick of the wrist for spell casting. In the absence of voice control, this alone would be cool.
    • Bluetooth and/or online multiplayer fucking BATTLES: Yeah. The lightsaber app makes a crashing noise when you pretend-fight with someone, woo! Harry Potter app has stats and skills and shit. Could be a turn-based or real time battle. This would be fun for non-HP fans alike. Imagine standing across the room from your Bluetooth-linked rival, preparing to duel. Or maybe you’re in your basement in full robes, battling online. Hope you’ve been practicing the correct (accelerometer-measured) techniques.

Now we’ve turned the giveaway, boring, shameless promo app into a game, that has lasting power. A single-player mode is also a no-brainer, and would be an excellent training ground to master all the spells. Include the trailers, posters, etc in the game as unlockables, or just as value-added stuff.

Well-executed, this app would take shit over. More ideas to follow.


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