Ore-Ida (aka H.J. Heinz Company), Listen up!

I came up with a brilliant idea for a new  product. A lifelong consumer of Bagel Bites, I was stunned by the realization that they only produce mini-sized bagel pizzas. Why not put pizza on a full-size bagel? We will still be able to eat it anytime (mornin, evenin, at suppertime).

Bagel Bites have a long-running alliance/sponsorship with youth soccer programs. Sticking with the active-lifestyle-for-your-kids tone, why not market the new, bigger bagel pizza as “Xtreme Bagel Bitez:” reinforcing the sporty brand image, while taking things in a new direction. Also, kids love spelling things with Z’s. Sponsor the X-games and team up with Mountain Dew, I dunno. Just an idea. Other possible names: Big Bites, GigaBagelBytes…

My initial research (asking people what they think about the idea) has yielded overwhelmingly positive response, with most people agreeing that they can’t believe Xtreme Bitez don’t already exist.

Why, Heinz, why? What are you waiting for? Perhaps you’ve already thought of GigaBytes, but you’re holding off. I could see unveiling GigaBytes as being a doomsday plan, which you have wisely kept under wraps; a final trick up your sleeve if the company is ever in serious trouble.


Mmmm, tiny pepperoni cubes

Mmmm, tiny pepperoni cubes


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